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Cleaning the Filth From a Delicate Frame

by Lovely Little Girls

Undulate 05:12
mouth parts fused shut slow mounting terrible calamities enormous aggregation over his face fluid imbibing long snout ejecting blood over his face smelling the mouth restricted penetration wet hair incubate nubile eggs albumen undulates thin epidermis over his face almost liquid effluvia of the larvae slow mounting broad backed man over-undulate over under-ripe rudiment wet hair incubate over-ovulate! over-ovulate! underside overhead, over-ovulate, over-undulate over slow mounting broad backed man albumen waterfall, over his face, almost liquid!


(c) Skin Graft Record 2012

released on LP (salmon-pink vinyl) and MOD-CD


released October 13, 2012

Gregory Jacobsen: vocals, sounds
Alex Perkolup: bass, vocals
Jim Cooper: guitar
Jon Beavo: keyboard
Cory Bengtsen: sax
Kemi Dornehag: trombone
Charlie Werber: drums, vocals
Sacha Mullin: vocals
Carmen Armillas: vocals

Additional vocals on Cleaning the Filth:
Daniel Knox
L. Wyatt
Aleksandra Tomaszewska

Recorded and Produced by
Todd Rittmann


Demented circus music, a totally degranged singer yelping out the most disgusting and outrageous lyrics, and super-tight interlocking instrumental parts make this album an astounding addition to the already impeccable Skin Graft roster. This is the sound of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum after taking a bunch of LSD and hanging out in the bad part of town. Remember when groups like Naked City or Mr. Bungle actually sounded dangerous? Neither do I, after hearing something like this!

-Phil Plencner plencnerlabs.com/best-of-2012

What is your defining genre? What groups do you have logos of on your t-shirt? Are your shirts all black with macabre scenes of religious iconography contorted to say something twisted and sacrilegious? Could fans of metal or prog, even dance music, listen to a record like the one just released by a band from Chicago called Lovely Little Girls and hear something they recognize and want to hear more? ‘Cleaning the Filth from a Delicate Frame’ is an esoteric kind of party that requires a special ear.

Nothing about these seven songs will interest 96% of the party rockers in the reading audience. They are impossibly constructed, mostly, but compositionally, run the gamut of many different genres. The players on this record, seemingly, could play anything. In my ears mind’s eye I hear a history of Chicago music and beyond: jazz, rock, metal, freak, Avant, prog, punk, even reggae, etc. It is a careening carnival boat ride like that fabulous boat ride in Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory; all at once, disturbing, thrilling, frightening, repulsive, confusing, passionate, fantastic, and most importantly something you’ve never experienced before. Sure, listen carefully and you can hear, Magma, The Cardiacs, Zappa, Sabbath, Roland Kirk, etc., but that is what always impresses me with projects like this. It is just a concentrated effort by serious and talented artists to create and have fun. Now, what one considers fun is what is at question here. That is what will cut the chaff from the grain, because this music is for musicians. Elitist as it may sound, you are just going to have to be coming from a musical place to listen to this record front to back because it is challenging music that is undoubtedly breaking new ground in arrangement and difficulty.

If you are a record collector ‘Cleaning the Filth’ is a must have. It is adorned with the paintings of the bands spiritual guide and central character Fatty Jubbo aka Gregory Jacobsen. The details in the album art are a singular statement that describe the music not only in form, but in color, and narrative. My only wish is that he’d had as much real estate as The Beatles designer had with the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ record which was completely squandered with its full size multi-page booklet. Jacobsen’s artwork adjacent to the musical compositions and the contributions of the other Little Girls are all part of a larger more complete audio- visual experience that works like the glorious plies Jacobsen has been painting for years. It all works. They are more cabaret than The Tiger Lillies and more musical than the Budos Band. They are unparalleled in their individuality even for the Chicago scene, but of course, have their contemporaries there.

This record is fun, experimental, free, sonically rendered with expert craft. Congratulations, Lovely Little Girls! You’ve made the best record I’ve heard this year. Now, who else will listen to this and think the same thing? What will you guys do next? How do you rearrange the formula to depart from this groove that speaks so well and into the new sound? No shit. This will be a collector’s item down the road. I feel it’s very important Lovely Little Girls make another record because this is a sound and a direction that needs more attention. What’s next, Lovely Little Girls?

-Dario P. on decayke.wordpress.com

Gregory Jacobsens Bilder nähern sich dem Thema Sexualität auf eine Weise, die den normalerweise damit verbundenen symbolisch-politischen Ballast von dessen Schultern nimmt: Alle (un)möglichen Peinlichkeiten und Perversionen werden in groteske Farbexplosionen verwandelt; Situationen, die eigentlich zum Fremdschämen einladen, werden so dargestellt, dass das Lachen näher liegt als die Scham. Wer nun mit diesen Bildern vertraut ist, kann sich denn auch ohne weiteres, ähem, ausmalen, wie Jacobsens primäres musikalisches Ventil klingt: Ja, auch die Lovely Little Girls sind bunt, laut, grotesk und springen das Publikum förmlich an.

Wer unbedingt auf musikalischen Referenzen besteht, dem sei zunächst mit dem Hinweis auf das beteiligte Personal geholfen: Alex Perkolup, Chefsongwriter der „Girls“, hat schon für Cheer Accident und die Flying Luttenbachers Bass gespielt; Und Produzent Todd Rittman ist aus Bands wie US Maple und Dead Rider bekannt. Kurz gesagt, wir haben es hier mit einer bizarren (Prog)Rock-Mutation Chicagoer Provenienz zu tun. Die Girls legen denn auch gleich mit Massive Vulva Cantaloupe los, mit Dada-Prog der Cardiacs-Schule (das Video unterstreicht diese Assoziation noch einmal), bei aller Schrägheit mit einem unvergesslichen Refrain gesegnet. Darauf folgt Undulate, mit seinem fast operettenhaften Zeuhl-Pomp und den mächtigen Trommelsalven zweifellos in der Nähe von Magma und Koenji Hyakkei zu verorten. Aber die Lovely Little Girls sind musikalisch keineswegs monogam, sie sind nicht allein auf Prog eingeschworen, sondern geben ihre „erotischen“ Geschichten auch vor dem Hintergrund wiegender Reggae-Rhythmen, von Kabarettjazz, Skatgesang und dissonanten Bläsern (Poor-Fitted Boys), zum besten. Die Erotik dominiert auch I’m So Good-Looking, wenn auch eher die „erotische Begegnung der dritten Art“, von der in dieser Form wohl nicht einmal Baudelaire, Beschwörer der leichenhaften Schönheit, zu träumen gewagt hätte – wobei hier natürlich alles mit dem Lustmörder namens Humor im Bunde steht (wieder so eine Parallele zu Jacobsens Bildern).

Cleaning the Filth from a Delicate Frame ist für den Prog das, was Jacobsens Bilder für das Thema Sexualität sind (und wird Prog-Rock nicht oft genug als „Masturbation“ abgetan?): Dieses Album lässt uns über das eigentlich Groteske an der Prog-Musik lachen, indem es diese auf die Spitze treibt; Dass, von dieser wohltuenden Ironisierung einmal abgesehen, auch Songwriting und Handwerk wirklich exzellent sind, ist dabei natürlich auch kein Nachteil (Vorsicht, Understatement!).

- klangohneeigenschaften.blogspot.com

Le ridicule ne tue pas. C'est un peu l'adage appliqué par LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS. Le groupe originaire de Chicago frise le grotesque et le théâtrale pour mettre en lumière ses compositions. Aussi barge que Mike Patton, le projet emmené par Gregory Jacobsen et Alex Perkolup mêle pêle-mêle l'avant-gardisme, le déambulatoire de la fanfare, les riffs de métal régressif et des envolées free-jazz.

Les thèmes exposés dans Cleaning The Filth From A Delicate Frame sont tout aussi absurdes que les apparences que se donne LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS.

L'album parvient malgré tout à conserver une cohérence autour de ce joyeux bordel. L'intervention de différentes voix, plutôt narratives renforce l'aspect visuel, burlesque et scénique des compositions. Toutefois LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS tente de conserver une trame plutôt que de multiplier les scènes isolées, conférant ainsi cette solidité autour de cet album.

Comme n'importe quel disque de chez Skin Graft, Cleaning The Filth From A Delicate Frame est un album particulier, hors normes, dans lequel il faut se donner la volonté de le dompter. Toutefois, derrière des allures complètement givrées, LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS se révèle plus facile d'accès qu'il n'y parait. Ce brin de folie devient même charmant plutôt qu'éreintant et la cohérence qui tourne autour des sept compositions ancre solidement le disque dans l'accessibilité et l'audible.

- www.shootmeagain.com


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Lovely Little Girls Chicago, Illinois


Lovely Little Girls is an avant-rock band directed by artist Gregory Jacobsen and bassist Alex Perkolup.

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